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Welcome to our website! We strive to bring you the very best of camping solar panels and relevant information. We hope that you like it.

Introduction to 12Volt Solar Panel Power

Are you apprehensive about buying a solar panel for your holidays? More than 95% of people are, and it is to be expected so don't be concerned – just call John now on 1800 900 999 to discuss your requirements

What does Wattage mean for instance, or Amps, to those that are not familiar with the technical speak and how to use that information? We know the answers and we want to help you to learn them too.

All of our portable solar panels are fundamentally battery chargers; that is, their job is to charge your auxiliary battery which in turn powers your fridge, lights etc.

Buy Locally With Confidence

At Folda Solar Direct we believe our first and most important responsibility as a legitimate Australian business is to educate you the consumer, so that you feel totally at ease with your decision to select and then buy a portable solar panel that is designed to suit your needs. The last thing that you need is for some super salesperson to try to sell you something that you don't understand. Our website is designed to help you learn and understand the necessary elements that go toward satisfying that key responsibility.

Our second responsibility is to help you to identify your solar camping needs. If you click on our Guides tab you will find a range of valuable tips, tools and information that together provide you with the ability to scope your real needs in terms of solar battery charging and how that needs to work in harmony with the fridge or freezer and other appliances that you intend to use.

Unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

For your peace of mind we also provide to you an unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you simply change your mind, then send it back to us, (refer to Terms & Conditions for further detail).

Perth Based

Based in Perth Western Australia – we have been avid four wheel drivers and caravanners, for thirty years and we do what you do; we travel far and wide to remote places and we need remote solar camping power. Our range of portable solar panels is designed to bring the right solution to match your needs.

If you need additional support or advice simply give us a call or send us a question through our Contact Page, we are here to help and will do all that we can to put your mind at ease.

Please remember that we are in Perth WA, so there may be a time-zone difference and we do need to sleep!

We hope that you enjoy our website, there is a mountain of useful tips and we hope that you gain confidence from it.

Portable Camping Solar Panels

Portable Solar Panel Power ChargerAt Folda Solar Direct we always aim to provide sustainable, energy-efficient methods for you to get power when on the move without it costing you a fortune. Our portable solar panel power charger units use the suns rays to get power to your battery using methods that are both effective and eco-friendly.

We use simple, self-explanatory language to enable you to understand the products you are purchasing and the advantages of them. We understand that you may be put off ordering anything that is advertised through technical vocabulary; therefore we put it in simple terms that are easy to comprehend. We also have an unconditional thirty day money back guarantee that means if youâre not satisfied with your product you can send it straight back to us. At Folda Solar Direct we have full confidence in our products as we know how they have helped travelers in the past.

Our products tend to focus on blending a nice, aesthetically pleasing appearance with high efficiency rates that are both convenient and reliable. We donât add on extra costs for the quality we provide either; some of our products such as 70 watt folding solar canvas panels are 30% or more below the prices quoted by many of our counterparts. This is just one example of high-quality products we offer at affordable rates to our customers who regularly check back to our website to see our latest offers. In terms of flexible portable solar panels for caravans weâre convinced weâre the best. If itâs cheap, sustainable power youâre seeking for your trip away, we feel we have the range of products that will leave you not only spoilt for choice, but also with quite a few notes left in your pocket after your purchase.

Portable Solar Panels for Sale Australia

Portable Folding Solar PanelsAt Folda Solar Direct we provide sustainable mobile power solutions for you on your camping trip by using our portable folding solar panels. Using our mobile solar panels youâll be able to power your fridge or lights by charging your auxiliary battery. Our portable solar panels have proven reliability and are for sale to the public at prices we think youâll find to be 30% or more below other companies. This is particularly the case when it comes to our folding solar canvas 70 watt panel. This very light, compact product is ideal for campers that find themselves in a location where a direct connection to the main supply isnât possible. Instead of a traditional aluminium frame this product comes as a corrosion-resistant fabric package able to withstand high wind pressures or heavy snow loads. It has a high rate output that is ideal for specific purposes such as charging those all-important 12 volt appliances such as a fridge or freezer.

Of course there are other portable solar panels for electricity; you may fancy something that is a little more robust and sturdy. In that case youâll probably want to opt for our aluminium folding 80 watt solar panel that although a little more traditional, sits fits right into the boot of your vehicle perfectly.

Here at Folda Solar Direct we pride ourselves on quality and thatâs why we use a thick 4mm wire for our products meaning power loss is far less likely when youâre using 5 metre extension cables.

Portable Solar Panel Kits

Small Portable Solar PanelsWe feel that at Folda Solar Direct the quality of our products is unquestionable; however we donât want our services to our customers to stop there. As well as keeping our prices as low as possible and providing the most energy-efficient, eco-friendly sources of power we see possible; we also help our customers in other areas. At Folda Solar Direct we provide free delivery for our canvas panel products as a gesture of thanks to our customers for their purchase, making small portable solar panels a realistic cost-effective method of power for you. In addition to this, even if youâve purchased a slightly heavier, robust folding panel item weâll deliver direct to you at a fixed rate. Of course all our products also still come with that all important 30 day money back guarantee that means if thereâs anything at all that you dislike about our product you can send it straight back to us. We feel very confident it wonât come to this as our customers usually find our products very useful on their travels and are delighted with their purchase. This is most likely because all our products have already passed quality control procedures that meet the very highest international standards.

In addition to being used on caravans the RV solar panels we have can also be used to power interior lighting on boats, when getting a source of power is sometimes crucial. We feel that thereâs never been a better way of getting affordable power in remote locations, at the same time as supporting the world to maintain a sustainable environment.

What is Wattage and what is Amperage – I am confused?
Which is better, Monocrystalline or Amporhous portable solar panel technology?
What’s the material used in the cells of the new canvas folding panels from Folda Solar Direct?
I have a hard framed aluminium solar panel; how should I store it when travelling?

Q. What is Wattage and what is Amperage – I am confused?


A quick “lesson” might help to fully appreciate this key question?

All quality portable solar panels are rated as to their Wattage and Amperage outputs as well as their Voltage output from the Controller/Regulator based on testing in a simulation chamber and to an International Standard.

There is a simple equation that is undeniable and it applies to all panels of all types and can’t be interpreted in any other way.

Wattage divided by the Voltage output from the Controller equals Amperage.

W ÷ V = Amps/hour (current).

Often people think that it is the panel Wattage divided by 12 when we are dealing with a 12 Volt system. This is incorrect! It is the Voltage coming out of your controller (technically called Vmp), that is the key number; it is divided into the Wattage of your panel to calculate the Amps per hour that are available in ideal conditions. Most solar panels will have a specification panel on the rear panel, you should get this in writing from the retailer so as to confirm what you are being supplied, and more importantly, what you are paying for.

These are the key technical terms for you to understand: Known as

POWER (Panel Wattage) Pm (W)


CURRENT (Amperage/hour) Imp (A)

Q. Which is better, Monocrystalline or Amporhous portable solar panel technology?


It is not so much which is better but how are they different? Monocrystalline cells are far more efficient as a power generator that Amorphous, per square meter of cells employed. Amorphous (Silicon sprayed onto a flexible surface), requires a much greater surface area to generate the same output as Monocrystalline panels. Both technologies are well proven for solar camping and can provide great solutions. Interestingly too, whilst the general commentary is that Amorphous panels are cheaper to manufacture they seem to be considerably dearer at the retail level?

Equally for solar camping it is important to know that all Solar panels do not like heat; they love light of course but not heat!

Due to this they need to have good ventilation to maximise cooling opportunities through the day. It is therefore not ideal to lay them on the ground or on any flat surface without a breathing cavity behind the panel.

Another important fact to know is that due to this dislike for heat the performance of ALL solar panels decreases in hot weather. Any temperature above 25 degrees Celsius will see a reduction in performance. It is not dramatic, but is does occur, so it is important to have a margin up your sleeve for this, as well as for less than ideal weather conditions.


The dearest portable solar panel does not mean it is the best – it is all about the space you have to store it when travelling, the weight of it and the amps per hour it produces; to do the job you need it to do. Naturally it needs to fit your budget too!

Q. What’s the material used in the cells of the new canvas folding panels from Folda Solar Direct?


Being Monocrystalline they have the same fundamental structure as any other monocrystalline panel. The key difference is the top layer (wafer). It is a specially formulated moulded material that is extra tough to handle the outdoor conditions. Normal monocrystalline cells have a glass or poly carbonate wafer on top and are more vulnerable. This special material used on the canvas folding panels is designed for use in the military and as a consequence is much more robust than normal monocrystalline and able to take the occasional knock.


Protecting your investment is part of the journey when you have a portable solar panel. They are all vulnerable to damage if not looked after. Take every precaution to protect yours.

Q. I have a hard framed aluminium solar panel; how should I store it when travelling?


Ideally not flat. With glass as the top wafer on each cell you need to think of it as a mirror or a piece of glass. Store it on its edge and protect it well against other items stacked around it.


This does not apply to the new canvas folding solar panels; they are designed to be stored in any way that works for you, understanding of course that they do have some vulnerability and need protection from other items stacked around them.

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